Youth Sports Photography

Youth Sports Photography | Go Beyond Team Picture Day

Whether it’s soccer, baseball, football, volleyball, whatever, we all love watching our kids participate and compete. Maybe we dream that they will one day make it to the big time or maybe we just like seeing our kids as part of a team. Whatever the level of your superstar, I will come out to the game and photograph all the action!  After the game, you (and anyone you share the link with) will be given access to purchase digital downloads (JPG files) of the action.

If you’re curious about what happens after your photo shoot, read our After The Photo Shoot page to give you an idea of the process.

Youth Sports Photography Pricing

The pricing for these events is structured differently than our portrait sessions – there is no session fee involved. Rather you only pay for the pictures you want and you will have a few options to choose from! After downloading the image(s) you can print them for personal, non-commercial use, post them on your social media page, etc. The pricing for downloading the images is as follows:


1 Megapixel

  • For Prints Up To:
  • 4×6

3 Megapixels

  • For Prints Up To:
  • 5×7

5 Megapixels

  • For Prints Up To:
  • 8×10

Full Resolution

  • Perfect For:
  • XL prints, Canvases, etc


Another convenient option is to purchase prints directly from our professional partner lab. We offer a good variety of print sizes for you to choose from and if there’s something specific you are looking for, like a certain size print or canvas, we might be able to work with our lab to get it for you.


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