Pinnacle Cart Structured Data Part 1

Pinnacle Cart Structured Data Part 1

As I mention on my web design page, Pinnacle Cart offers a great balance between functionality, flexibility and affordability. What Pinnacle Cart offers in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is impressive but one feature that is lacking, at least as of Version 3.7.11 R.4, is the inclusion of structured data / microdata.

To be upfront, I have not found a source that absolutely proclaims that structured data will improve SEO results, but I cannot imagine including it on your website would hurt. Also, given the fact that Google’s Webmaster Tools now include structured data as a metric, I’ve got to believe that if they are not currently placing value on structured data, they will be in the future. So why not join the party early?

Structured data is essentially content within your website that easily identifiable because it is part of a structure.  Identifiers are added to the code that first call out what type of object is being presented Рfor example, a product Рfollowed by a series of values that define that object Рfor example, price, description, brand, etc.

In my next post, I’ll provide some snippets of code to show you how I marked up product data for Ava Rose Designs using the vocabulary along with the microdata format.

Don’t want to wait for my next post? You can start to read up on structured data here: and/or Google Webmaster Tools.

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