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Summer Fashion – Ava Rose Designs

"This season my focus is more casual with a hint of romance. I went with more relaxed, every day pieces that can be interchangeable depending on the moment. With my primary color being blue this season, I have branched out using different shades such as chambray, heather and navy." That's [...]

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Time Flies

Sometimes I just can't figure out where the time goes! I was keeping true to my 2013 goal of posting on my blog regularly and then all of a sudden nearly a month has gone by! Not that I haven't been busy - quite the opposite! On February 24th, myself, [...]

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Spring Fashion – Ava Rose Designs

Today was another big milestone day with Ava Rose Designs. This morning I launched the website updates for Phase 1 of their Spring 2013 collection. I've been the web design partner of Ava Rose Designs since 2009 - all using Pinnacle Cart - and today's launch marks the 4th season [...]

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My Latest Approach to Product Photography

A few weeks ago, I was doing another fashion photo shoot for the Spring 2013 collection from Ava Rose Designs. We were on location at the Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix and with each new style, the models were also wearing a new piece of jewelry. It turns out that [...]

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