Project Description

We've Launched! was launched September 2, 2014!


I met Don Lucas through a referral from Terry Favour, the owner of Teresa del Rito, and from the first call we had, I felt that we would work great together.  Don’s past experiences with website designers were not 100% positive to say the least.  A lot of promises made and a lot of promises not kept.  He wasn’t convinced that he needed a new web site and quite frankly, neither was I.  During our call, I committed to him that I would look through his current site and come back with some recommendations.

With every potential client I talk to, I don’t try to sell them on my services – at least not immediately.  I listen to what they have to say, what they are looking for and what they ultimately want to achieve.  That’s why my first response with Don was not to recommend building a new site just because he was being told by others that he needed one.  The previous was not too bad in terms of ease of navigation but running on an older shopping cart solution meant it was lacking in some areas.  I put together a document for Don that provided some recommendations on what he could do to improve his CURRENT site (instead of starting over from scratch) and essentially summarized it with this:

I'm not going to tell you that a brand new site is going to automatically turn visitors into buyers. In fact, any web designer who tells you that better put it in the contract and provide compensation to you if it does not happen. Your current site is much better than most older sites but it does lack modern coding best practices that help with search engines and it also lacks some basic user experience features that today's online shoppers come to expect. A newly built site using modern shopping cart software would address these areas of concern.

Don appreciated my upfront honesty and I’d like to believe that ultimately is what led to us moving forward with replacing his site with a more modern solution.  I began working on the new in March of 2014 and in the end, Don ended up with a fantastic new site.  Special thanks goes out to Don and his son Andrew for buying into the role they needed to play during this project — they were instrumental in the success of it.  Below are some of the key features of the site and I encourage you to visit and maybe even pick out a nice piece of sterling silver jewelry for yourself!

Everyone loves the site, especially Annalee, who got this whole thing started with her persistence that I do a new website to begin with. Working with you made me glad I did.