Project Description

We've Launched! was launched December 9, 2013!


A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet Denise Pulk, the owner and creator of Take a Dip Sweets. Denise was looking to grow her business and that included adding a website to go along with the usual social media channels. A mutual friend introduced us and we met a Starbucks to begin talking about what she was looking for in a website. Denise showed up with a plate full of her chocolate covered treats and I must admit that I wanted to dive right into them! But I had to remain professional and discuss business! What Denise was looking for was music to my ears – a clean, polished site that was easy to navigate and easy to ascertain what the site was about. In addition, she was looking to be able to grow the site into an eCommerce website at some point down the road. My immediate thought was WordPress! Interestingly enough, Denise was also in need of a photographer to photograph her amazing treats. Having experience in product photography, I expressed my interest in helping out on that part of her business as well. A few weeks later, we agreed to partner up and start – both the site and the product photography!

Our first order of business was the product photography so we met one Sunday at Denise’s house and had a cookie, pretzel and graham cracker photo shoot! It was a lot of fun and actually required a good deal of detail to make sure all the items presented well. Overall I was very happy with the results and Denise was too. You can check out some of the shots on our photography portfolio page – just filter on Products. Soon after, I started work on building her new website – using WordPress as the platform! Knowing that eCommerce capabilities were part of the future plan, I choose a premium WordPress theme named Sistina which was built for eCommerce.  On December 9, 2013 we successfully launched the new Take a Dip Sweets website to showcase Denise’s wonderful chocolate covered treats!

Wow!!! Thanks so much for all you’ve done – esp. over the past two weeks. Your email instructions for the different things I can do w/ the website, etc. were/are so clear and easy to follow. For someone like me, who can be “technology challenged” I appreciate that.