Project Description

We've Launched! was launched November 1, 2013!


I feel the best compliment I can receive is when I am referred to a new client from a past client. That was exactly the case when Leaf, who is a client AND a friend, referred me to her mom Terry and brother Lorenz who are the creative spirits behind Teresa del Rito.  Terry and Lorenz had a website but it was not kept current with prices or products.  This obviously made it hard to conduct business online and it also hindered their ability to showcase products to prospective customers. Terry, Lorenz and I met for a few hours one evening to outline the type of site they wanted not only for now but for future growth as well.  Terry was familiar with what I had built for Leaf, which was built using WordPress, and was comfortable moving forward with that approach.

In early August 2013, I started building their new WordPress eCommerce website using WooCommerce to drive the eCommerce capabilities. On November 1, 2013 we successfully launched the new Teresa del Rito website to showcase and sell their finely crafted folk art! The site features a premium WordPress theme named Sistina, several static informational pages, a fully integrated blog and direct integration of that blog to Facebook using HootSuite’s RSS integration capabilities.

First of all I want to say that Joe Demko has been an absolute delight to work with. All of our items are handmade so no two are exactly alike. Some are even one of a kind. Because of this and because of the many variations available, you could say that our website requirements were somewhat unique. So were the many problems that arose; there were times when I feared they were insurmountable. But Joe did not! He quickly and efficiently solved every problem perfectly and from what I could tell, he enjoyed every minute of it. If you take a look you will see that we have a beautiful, smoothly operating website that does everything we hoped it would do. We have received nothing but rave reviews from our existing customers as well as the new ones who are actively finding us now that our ability to connect and utilize the social media avenues, as well as the search engine capabilities, are up to date. Last but not least, Joe has provided us with internal administrative videos that are easy to follow and make it possible for us to manage the site, ourselves. Thank you, Joe!