Well this is pretty exciting… I was treated to a nice surprise the other day when I saw that one of my sports photography photos was used on the Scottsdale Soccer website!  My 7 year old started playing soccer years ago and this year she made the jump the Blackhawks.  When it comes to sports, I’m a pretty passionate fan / parent and it’s hard for me to not coach from the sidelines.  Before the season started, there was a parent’s meeting where it was highly recommended that we let the coach do the coaching while we sit back and enjoy watching our kids play and improve from week to week.  Uh oh.

I knew my only chance of doing that was to preoccupy myself with taking photos throughout the game. Camera in tow, I shot our first game of the season and got a great shot of the team in a huddle right before the start of the game.  It’s a great representation of teamwork and sportsmanship and love for the game of soccer.  These girls make an amazing soccer team and the season is still young providing me ample opportunities to fill my library with sports photos!

Here’s the picture that was published on the Scottsdale Soccer website and email newsletter:

Scottsdale Soccer Blackhawks