119 degrees. No, this is nothing like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon nor does it have anything to do with some optimal lighting angle for fashion photography. I’m talking about HEAT. Stifling HEAT. Record-breaking HEAT. Stay indoors HEAT.

But there we were – myself, Melanie, Bronte and newcomer Lauren – shooting outdoors during the late afternoon on June 29th! A few new products for the Ava Rose Designs summer line just arrived and we were in a time crunch to get the new styles shot and online prior to the 4th of July.

Was it miserable? Uh, yeah – except of course for the great company. Would I do it again? Absolutely! This wasn’t the first time we shot in undesirable weather. In fact, we like to joke that we wouldn’t have it any other way considering last fall’s August shoot in 110+ degrees or just this past spring when it was windy and cold!

Despite the heat, we came away with some great shots of the new products. A special thanks goes out to the models for not only working through the heat, but for also working with me to take not only product shots to use on the website product pages but also marketing shots to use on marketing collateral like eMail newsletters and Facebook.

Below are some of my favorites from the shoot. For posting here on my own site, I took some liberties with creative processing on the product shots. You won’t see these on the Ava Rose Designs eCommerce site since the focus there is on the true-to-color representation of the products.

119 Degrees of Fashion Photography
Yeah it’s 119 degrees out but complaining won’t make it any cooler so why not have some fun!? Melanie, Bronte and Lauren are making the most of it – this was 1/2 way through the shoot and they were still smiling! Our Ava Rose Designs photo shoots are always easygoing.


Fashion Portraits - Bronte for ARD
This is Bronte in two of the new styles. The processing of these photos was done in Lightroom. I’ve used some creative settings that you won’t see on the ARD business site.


Fashion Portraits - Lauren for ARD
Here’s Lauren in two more new styles. Again, I used some creative processing.


So there you have it – that’s my 119 degrees of fashion photography story. I’m sure there will more weather adventures in the future but I draw the line at haboobs!

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