Sometimes I like to share some personal experiences. I don’t feel that all my posts have to be related to a project that I have worked on or a photo shoot that just wrapped up but I do like to work in some connection to photography or website design because those are two subjects that I really enjoy and they are, of course, the cornerstone of 4Ds Creative Solutions. A trip to Sedona, Arizona was a perfect excuse to combine a personal experience and a business experience.

I’ve lived in Arizona since 1977 but I will openly admit that I have not ventured out to explore the state as much as I should. Just last week we took a trip to Sedona to get a slight break from the heat and enjoy one of the more beautiful locations in the state. It’s not a far drive – less than 2 hours – so the window of opportunity for backseat fights between the kids was limited! Below are just a few photos to share. All pictures were taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 35mm 1.4.

This is a view from a ranger station off of Highway 179.

Sedona Photography 1


One of the hikes we took was at the Palatki Heritage Site where we had the chance to see the Sinagua cliff dwellings. The next three images are from that location.

Sedona Photography 2


Sedona Photography 4


As much as I enjoy the amazing red coloring of Sedona, I couldn’t help creating a black and white conversion of one of the mountains.

Sedona Photography 3