Joe Demko - 4Ds Creative Solutions

About Joe Demko (and 4Ds Creative Solutions)

My interest in photography started at an early age. I remember my Father’s Pentax SLR and his darkroom setup and how confused I was about all of the numbers on the lenses he used. When I look back at some of his old pictures, I’m amazed at how great old film cameras were and how spoiled we are now with digital cameras.

For my birthday one year, my grandparents gave me a ‘110’ film camera. I don’t recall the brand but I do remember how it pulled apart to expose the shutter button and to advance the film. I burned through so many rolls of film with that camera and still have prints of my 8th grade classmates that I took with it.

Looking back at those pictures, I can see the photography style that I most appreciated back then is the same style I strive for today: capturing people and life in the current moment. Whether the capture is posed or candid, photography is an amazing medium to capture and remember things as they were at that exact moment.

My family moved from New York to Arizona when I was 6 and I while there are a lot of places that I love to visit, I love living in Arizona. I currently live in Scottsdale, Arizona with my wife and 2 daughters. In fact, the 4Ds portion of the name of my company comes from the fact that our household is made up of 4 Demkos (4Ds).

My Photography Style

When I photograph people – whether it’s family portraits, high school senior portraits, youth sports – I always look for the emotion in the setting and try to capture it so that the feeling never goes away.

Having your picture taken can be stressful. What you’ll find in my personal style is that I am extremely calm and I go with the flow. When needed I’ll be a director but I always strive to ensure the people I am photographing are comfortable. I feel the best pictures are taken when people are allowed to simply be themselves.

My Web Design Style

I’ve spent the last 20 years working in IT implementing large and small SAP projects. Through the many roles I have held on those projects, I have gained valuable experience in knowing what it takes to gather (and more importantly, understand) requirements and successfully translate them into solutions.

While working on web design projects, the same concepts apply. I’ll sit down and talk with you to understand what role you want your website to play within your company, what functionality is most critical to you and what look and feel you are after.

My belief is that a minimalist style works best for most websites. Visitors to a site typically want something that is easy to look at, easy to navigate and easy to comprehend.

Thank you for checking us out!

-Joe Demko