Sometimes I just can’t figure out where the time goes! I was keeping true to my 2013 goal of posting on my blog regularly and then all of a sudden nearly a month has gone by! Not that I haven’t been busy – quite the opposite!

On February 24th, myself, Melanie Santarius and some wonderfully tolerant models wrapped up the final photo shoot for the Ava Rose Designs Spring 2013 line. I say tolerant because on that day, Mother Nature decided to be ridiculously windy and cold! For some reason, we LOVE shooting in extreme weather – take for example the 115 degree day in August when we shot the Fall line! I did not envy the models having to wear long-sleeve shirts, sweaters and jackets! But I digress. I’ll be posting some of my favorites from the latest Spring 2013 photo shoot soon but you can always checkout the website to see the new fashions for Women and Girls.

On the web design front, I’m excited to say that I am adding WordPress web design as an option to my clients! The WordPress solution offers unlimited options and possibilities and I am also offering it as a secondary eCommerce option. I am currently working on a site for a friend – Leaf Dunigan – who is a Holistic Health Coach, Raw Foods Chef and Enneagram Instructor. I’m about mid-way through development and will proudly announce it soon!

So, yeah I’ve slacked off on blog updates but I’ve had good excuses – at least I think they are good!